Virtual Stage: 4 Benefits of Hosting B2B Webinars for Start-up Entrepreneurs

So you want to reach more people? That’s the goal of every start-up entrepreneur who’s aiming to take his business to the next level. The question is not whether you’d like to do it, because that’s already a given, but how exactly you’re going to pull it off. As you’ve realized by now, merely thinking about something and actually executing it are two very different things. Just look at your (very likely) roller coaster journey of launching your business off the ground. When you were just sorting things out on paper, it seemed so easy and straightforward. But the minute you tried executing your ideas and testing out your theories, everything changed.

Perhaps you went beyond your budget or you initially had problems trying to attract investors. Maybe you found it hard to find a decent office location so you ended up using your spare bedroom as a workstation. Or it could have been that you found yourself so busy that you didn’t even have time to exercise. Whatever it is, you know that your daydreams of how being a business owner should be wasn’t even a pale shadow of how it really was when you actually went out of your comfort zone and tried to become one.

That’s the kind of mindset you should have when trying your hand at hosting webinars, especially if you’ve never done it before. Expect to have a considerable learning curve and allot room for mistakes – lots of them. But in the end, know that it’s going to be a worthwhile endeavor. Here are some of the best benefits you can get in hosting a B2B webinar.      

  1.    You can streamline your production.  

If you’re hesitant in putting together a webinar for your audience, especially right off the bat, then don’t. You can test it out a few times with your own team until you’ve learned the ropes, and that’s when you launch an online event for your customers. Even in the early stages of trying to put together a webinar, you may notice that it’s not as expensive and difficult as you originally thought.

Hosting a webinar can easily prove to be a sensible move if you have remote members in your team. Coordinating for occasional in-person meetings can be such a hassle, particularly if you have employees who live across town, in another city, or even overseas. A webinar will be able to help you nail down important discussions more often as it eliminates much of the logistical concerns, allowing you to streamline your work production better. Not to mention the fact that you won’t have to worry about travel expenses for your staff, which is definitely an added bonus.   

  1.    You can reach more people.  

This is, of course, the main reason you’re even considering webinars in the first place: because it will allow you to connect with more people. Now that location is no longer an issue, you can concentrate more on delivering value to the event for your audience rather than agonizing over whether the venue has enough parking spaces.

Hosting B2B webinars allows you to reach out to more people that wouldn’t be possible if you’re organizing a face-to-face event. You can increase the frequency of your event too, and hold it at different time zones. This will be helpful if you’re eyeing prospects in other countries or regions.  You can also try to promote your products or services to companies and organizations; B2B webinars is a good jump start platform for you.

That being said, you need to put your best foot forward and present a high-quality webinar in order to generate good leads from it. You can begin by deciding on a topic. One that addresses a problem or answers a question for your audience, for example. The point is to be as compelling and specific as possible.

  1.    You can strengthen your current business relationships.  

As a start-up entrepreneur, you know how important it is to not only build but also nurture your relationships in your business. If you have regular or repeat customers, that’s exactly the kind of professional relationships that are worth nurturing. So how would B2B webinars help you in accomplishing that? For one thing, you can host a webinar that’s exclusive to your current clients.

You don’t necessarily have to offer them a new product if you don’t have one yet, but you can demonstrate how to use the new features in your updated products, for example. Or you can offer to do a Q&A with them to help them with something they find challenging in your field. It will help build positive brand awareness for your company, and you don’t need anything fancy to pull it off, either – just an hour or two of your time.      

  1.    You can establish your authority in the industry.  

While you obviously don’t have the big marketing budget of multinational companies, you can use your modest funds to help promote your brand. Doing B2B webinars is something you can easily put in your pipeline. Host online events that utilize trending industry topics, and do it consistently. The webinars that you organize will help establish your credibility in your field, and soon you may be regarded as a thought leader, simply because you took the time to connect with and educate your audience.

Hosting webinars may mean figuring out new software or dealing with occasional glitches, but that’s really how it goes when trying to learn new things. It won’t be a very smooth ride, especially in the beginning, but it will be well worth it after you see how B2B webinars help you scale your business and how they allow you to grow your audience without a massive marketing budget. As with everything in business, the point is to get started and make adjustments long the way.

Do you host B2B webinars? Would you like to share some tips? We’d love to have them in the comments.